Thursday, December 28, 2006

A Queer Specimen Indeed

I offer you the queer specimen known as "politicianus slimus ballus" -- Phill Kline. After a humiliating 65% to 35% defeat in his bid to remain Kansas Attorney General, he's taken advantage of his last few days in office to slime Paul Morrison, his successor.

Kline has appointed a special prosecutor to pursue his obsession -- persecuting and trying to prosecute Dr. George Tiller, a Wichita abortion provider. Naturally, Morrison will nix the whole wrong-headed effort as soon as he takes over. But the point is that Kline will force him to do it, and Kansans for Life and other anti-choice groups will see him do it. This way, Kline thinks, he can disadvantage Morris politically.

The real loser is Kline. Phill "Slimy" Kline has acted shamefully and at times, nearly unlawfully, in his role as Kansas' chief law enforcer. He has always played to the Religious Right and blatantly ignored his real job. Now, as Johnson County District Attorney, he might have to learn how to prosecute real crimes, like, oh, murder, arson, theft, burglary, aggravated assault -- you know, the stuff you see on the news every night.

The real injustice is that in switching jobs with Morrison, Kline gets a substantial pay raise, while Morrison, a real lawman, takes a cut. Read more:

Kline tries to keep investigation alive
Charges against abortion doctor are still blocked, but inquiry gets special prosecutor.

By DAVID KLEPPER and JIM SULLINGER - The Star’s Topeka correspondents
December 28, 2006 - KC Star

WICHITA | Attorney General Phill Kline lost a court battle Wednesday, but he also ensured that his investigation of abortion provider George Tiller will continue. For now.
Kline named a special prosecutor, Wichita attorney Don McKinney, to continue the investigation after Kline leaves office in early January. Kline’s successor, current Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison, said Wednesday that McKinney would be out of a job once he’s sworn in as attorney general.

An hour after Kline’s announcement, a prosecutor from Kline’s office failed to persuade a Sedgwick County judge to reinstate 30 misdemeanor counts that Kline filed against Tiller last week. . . .

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